Whether it is a logo or a monthly newsletter; a poster or an annual report, every bit of communication tells a story. And we help our clients tell their story in the most impactful way. Design isn’t only about creating beautiful visuals; it’s about engaging the audience, about storytelling, about brand identity.

‘Every £100 a design-led business invests in design repays £225 in increased sales.’ – Design Council, UK

Resources in the social sector are tight – it’s difficult for a non-profit to justify earmarking a big budget for design. So that’s where we come in, providing low-bono and pro-bono services to social sector clients. Our services include:
Logos • Namecards • Merchandise
Brochures • Flyers • Annual Reports • Posters
Websites • Online Ads • SEO • e-Newsletters • EDMs
Talks • Workshops • Performances • Panel Discussions • Film Screenings
If you are an SME/ start-up/ social enterprise/ non-profit in need of branding and design services, just give us a call on +65 93888734. 
Or drop a line to Rinkoo Bhowmik.